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by Allie Morgan

RockBoardz Music Player has been in the works for years. Born out of necessity for a more fun, easy way to experience music in this digital age, the concept became even more powerful after the year of shutdowns. Jim Kerr, creator of RockBoardz, answered a few questions about the app.

What is RockBoardz?

First and foremost, it’s a music player. What makes us different is that we have worked really hard to optimize all types of features that music fans have asked us for. One of our main features is what we call Tap the Song... Play the Song. At the tap of a button, you can play either the studio or live recordings as well as music videos for your favorite songs and artists. One of our missions is to make navigating digital music easier for everyone.

What are some other missions of the company?

Our slogan used to be, “We will teach rock and roll to everyone,” but as we developed the concept we found ourselves including more genres. We dropped the phrase but that’s still ultimately what we aim to do. We want to introduce people to new music. Discovering new artists is a huge part of our app. As you scroll through the carousel you see all the branded boards of artists from different genres, and we hope that sparks some curiosity and invites you to check them out.

However, our main goal was always to support artists and their charities. While a lot of our content is free, there are boards specifically made to help artists earn a little more of an income. It’s a completely reasonable price, $0.99 to unlock the entire board, and the artists get almost half of that. It’s a great way to show support to some of the smaller bands and artists who are up-and-coming in the industry. The board is branded specifically for the artist and includes their best work. Think of it as digital merch - it’s like buying a tee-shirt at a concert.

How do you use RockBoardz?

It works with your Apple Music and/or Spotify Premium subscriptions. When you download the app, you’ll be prompted to enter your credentials for either of those music streaming platforms which gives you access to an endless amount of songs and videos. From there, you’ll see our carousel which includes various artists of different genres. The carousel shows off our curated boards. Each board has been designed to reflect the artist’s style and aesthetic so they’re fun to share, and they include the artist’s most prominent songs (and some deep cuts for the real fans).

Once you choose the board you want to listen to, you can click on any song listed. You’ll get a pop up that lets you decide whether you’d like to hear the studio or live version, or if you’d like to watch the music video. It’s as simple as that. We stuck to a really clear, “tap the song... play the song” operation.

What are some special features of the App?

One of our favorite features is the ability to upload your own playlist and customize your own board. This includes fonts, font colors, the board background, and even the art on the board. Our pre-made boards are customizable, too. You have the option to add and remove songs, as well as readjust the order of the songs. These boards really serve as a starting point with so many customizing capabilities.

Another really cool feature is the voting page. It’s on our website but you can access it through the app. That’s how we decide what boards to make. You just choose your favorite artists and bands from the list and that determines which boards we release next. This makes us really unique because our users really shape the app and the direction we go with music.

Other features include filtering songs with live versions and music videos available, searching boards for specific songs, and sharing your boards on social platforms and via message.

Finally, where can you get the app?

In the Apple App Store. Right now, it’s available for any iOS device, and we’re working on making it available for Android.

Download RockBoardz Music Player now for free!


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