KISSTORY+ 50 Year Documentary

+By: Sherry Salazar~

KISStory: Is a rock & roll documentary by Biography on the 50 Years History of the American Rock band KISS. A two-part series, KISStory Part I first aired on A&E Channel on June 27, 2021.

For 50 years plus KISS Rock & Rolled all night and partied every day!

With material that dives into a musical partnership that walked out on the first band they formed together, producers & engineers, managers, band members, recording sessions, live shows, music, makeup, merchandise, movies, comic books, and fans…

KISStory is a fun ride!

Was it a shame that neither Ace Frehley nor Peter Criss took part of this documentary? Of course! But, when covering both sides of their professional & personal experiences of a 50-year musical career, all & all Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley did a pretty good job. Both delivered what seemed to be some insightful & fair descriptions of each other, people that they worked for & with, and remembrances of their own personal accounts.

I really like how KISStory described and laid out the ‘Pre-KISS Beginnings’.

Yes, all of us true Kiss fans already know about Wicked Lester but what I enjoyed was the personalized detail both Gene & Paul brought to these segments. How they spent hours on the couch in the Electric Lady Studio lobby waiting for their studio recording spec time. Hanging out in front of the studio watching the New York fashion parade go by.

Loved it when Gene & Paul walk into Electric lady land, point at the Stevie Wonder poster & reminisced how Stevie Wonder was recording Superstition in the studio down the hall!

Very cool! Great history in the timelines of:

1971 Electric Lady Land...Awesome stuff 1972 Wicked Lester 1973 Paul comes up with the name Kiss 1973 All 4 original members start rocking

Amazing to hear they were playing in different parts of New York. Seeing the old footage of them performing their live shows to empty clubs was a great peak into their beginnings as a band. Explaining how they were building their own scene, their own look, studying their sets, videotaping how they were performing while on stage and how it came across to their audiences.

It’s amazing because New York’s "Max's Kansas City & CBGBs” scenes were really something back in that time period. Kiss went to another area of the city and worked at perfecting so many parts of their show and themselves as a band…& just kept growing!

And of course, Neil Bogart: Founder of Casablanca Records. Kiss was the first act on Casablanca Records. Casablanca became known as the Disco label, featuring: Donna Summer, Village People, Parliament, etc. I like how they do explain that this man believed in this endeavor so much he put his family’s house on the line & show a picture of Neil with his wife & kids; Crazy! Sad about manager Bill Accoin. Didn't know the real reason for the separation in 1982. It doesn’t matter who you are. Losing anyone to the dark side of any issue is truly sad.

And Bob Ezrin. So cool to have more of a peak into how Destroyer was recorded under Bob and his production of the record itself.

Being a two-part documentary series was a smart idea on Biography & A&E’s behalf. Not only 50 years of a career would entail a ton of content but they were able to present what many would call the two lifetimes of KISS: Original member lineup & Non-original member lineup.

KISStory did a good job at sharing that era of the ‘Non-Original Lineup’ with fans who stopped buying KISS records around the Dynasty to Creatures of the Night timeline, which I am one of them. The documentary’s content of the “Second Career Timeline of KISS” referenced what was going on in Gene & Paul’s minds as artists, business partners, how to be continuing their brand, new members, new live shows, & the fans. They successfully explain the later releases, tours, the musicians involved & their sound, Gene’s stint in Hollywood, and how they pieced the band and themselves back together.

With some new footage & some new tidbits of a legendary American rock band:

KISStory is worth checking out!

[The band KISS was formed in New York City in 1973. In 2015 they became the Gold LP selling band of all time with 30 Gold records. KISS has 14 Platinum records.]

Original Members: +Paul Stanley: Stanley Bert Eisen. Born- January 20, 1952 - Queens +Gene Simmons: Chaim Witz. Born- August 25, 1949 - Isreal +Ace Frehley: Paul Daniel Frehley. Born- April 27th, 1951 - The Bronx +Peter Criss: Peter George John Criscuola. Born- Dec 20, 1945 - Brooklyn

+By: Sherry Salazar


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