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The Foo Fighters

Richard Choi

For everyone who doesn’t know the Foo Fighters- better late than never. Dave Grohl, powerhouse drummer for the notorious Nirvana turned lead vocalist and rhythmic guitarist. Taylor Hawkins, drummer/backing vocalist, Nate Mendel, bassist, Chris Shifflett, lead guitarist and backing vocals, Pat Smear, rhythmic guitarist, Rami Jaffee, keyboardist. Former members include Franz

Stahl - former lead guitarist and backing vocalist. William Goldsmith - former drummer. Founded in 1994 by Dave Grohl as a one man passion project post-passing of music tyrant Kurt Cobain from Seattle, Washington. In the summer of 1995, few would have guessed that the Foo Fighters would wind up as “that” band to survive the ‘90s alt-rock explosion unscathed. The Foos had a steady flame that continued to burned brighter, success after success, while staying on the top of the charts into the second decade of the new millennium.

Only way to emphasize my undying love for the Foo Fighters is that they’re heavy yet melodic, quite yet loud, calm but stimulating. The Foo Fighters could make you want to jump in a mosh pit with one song, then want to sit with your loved one and just enjoy their company. It’s a unique thing they do to your soul. As I sit and listen to ‘Virginia Moon’, I feel at peace. Dave Grohl and

Norah Jones serenade my chaotic mind to a soothing halt. I transcend to a mental status far beyond my imagination. Within the same album, ‘In Your Honor’, you’d find a song like ‘Best Of You’, making you want to jump, scream, laugh, cry, dance, and everything in between.

Overall the Foo Fighters have my heart. To whomever decides to just play that one song, I welcome you to the nation of good music. I recommend you check out the Foo Fighters on Rockboardz because not only is it just good music, it’s a life changer.


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