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Why Rush!

Richard Choi 5/19/2021


Rush in line for an amazing experience sonically, because they’ve had classic songs on every album. Starting from their self-titled debut album in 1974, to their last album in 2012 ‘Clockwork Angels’. Canadian power trio Rush (bassist, keyboardist, vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and drummer Neil Peart) sold over 40 million records and were nominated for seven Grammys between 1981-2010. The trio became one of the most celebrated and enduring bands of rock music. In 1968 Rush formed in Toronto, Ontario, initially comprised of guitarist Alex Lifeson, vocalist/bassist Geddy Lee, and drummer John Rutsey. Inspired by the band Cream, they honed their skills to the Toronto club scene before releasing a rendition of Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away,” in 1973.

Undeniably, Rush has gained a new fan. I, myself, love Alt-Rock when any guitar leads take over; with Rush, my likeness towards Rock was reimagined. I found Rush through Rockboardz, and found it impossible to turn down my headphones from full volume. I definitely worked out my neck because of this band, and walked with rhythm down the street to a cafe as if I was a rockstar with a chip on my shoulder. Nothing about this band can make you not feel like the king of the world.

Songs have a power to work into your soul. To move you in every which way. Rush definitely amplifies every waking moment; transforms you into a character in your own movie. They give you an extra push in your day like a fresh coffee from your local or chain cafe; you know- the one with that lady on the logo on every other block?

How can you not give a band like this a chance? Think about how many new memories you could make with a new band like Rush playing in the background of your life. Rush capitalizes on their exact title, an adrenaline boost to the likes of straight heroin. Don’t you want to feel that rush?



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