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We Are RockBoardz...

Dear Everyone,

Nothing moves us like the Music we love.  Nothing unites us more. Nothing inspires us more.  In fact very few things in our lives can define and express who we are more than the music we love.  That's why we created RockBoardz.  An idea born from the desire to make our music experience more fun for everyone, to provide an easier way to navigate the new world of digital music for everyone, to teach and discover more music we love for everyone, to better express and share the music we love with everyone, and perhaps most of all, we lend a helping hand to all current and potential artists and their charities in this always evolving world. 


We are that feeling we once had when we bought that album or CD from the record store.  We are that way to discover new music in old places as well as new music in these new places.  We are that place where established artists and their fans can experience their entire legacy at our fingertips.  We are the equalizer so that all fans of all ages all over the world can transorm and realize the love of their music.   

RockBoardz is the result of years of talking to industry, artists and music lovers like us sharing and incorporating our hopes and ideas all along the way.  We are proof that through hard work and determination that exists in us, and in all artists everywhere, that dreams really can come true.



The New Way to Play the Music We Love...

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